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We Support Foundation For Judicial Fairness (FFJF) here's why you should to:

When Choosing a Worthwhile Charity to Support, look for:

- Immediate and Positive Impact on Recipient Family 

- Roadmap for Future Recipients 

- Measurable, Scalable and Reportable Results

Foundation For Judicial Fairness (FFJF) has noticed that:

- Family Court Support Modifications are Rare, despite the facts, resulting in growing Child Support Arrears Balances for Non-Custodial Parents

- Non-Custodial Parental Relationships are evaporating because of financial struggles and other legal and personal setbacks


- Family Court Systems devoid of appropriate levels of fairness, opportunity and guidance leads to Generational Financial and Family inequalities and hopelessness


FFJF  responds to the earthquake of negative, unfair legal decisions in Family Courts that crush the Parent/Child relationship.

SUPPORT FFJF  for an immediate impact on Parent/Child relationships that will pay perpetual dividends to society.    


  • VISION:        Stronger Parent/Child Harmony after Divorce 
  • MISSION:     Keep Non-Custodial Parents Closer to their Children 
  • GOAL:           Help Qualified, Hardworking, Responsible Non-Custodial Parents pay-off their Child Support arrears balance 

FFJF  Offers Hope 

FFJF  Generates Confidence

FFJF  Amplifies Parental Responsibility and Involvement

Act I:    Pay-off 50% of Child Support Arrears Balance of working, non-custodial parents who have made at least 1 monthly payment in 2019 and maintain regular interaction with their child(ren).

Act II:    Secure a Life and Disability Insurance policy on both Parents (owned by a family trust for the benefit of insured’s child(ren)  

Act III:   Offer Career, Life, Health and Parental Support to Custodial and Non-Custodial Parents

Act IV:   Pay off remaining Support Arrears Balance.


SUPPORT FFJF   Contribute Today for a Hopeful Tomorrow 

your $25 or $25,000 contribution will have an Immediate, Guaranteed and Appreciable Return